All of Me is LIVE!

Hi Readers! All of Me is the third book in the re-release of my Trust Me Series. It’s been a rocky road for Aiden Jeni. If you’re up to date with this series so far, you’ll know our couple left Love Me on some pretty shaky ground. All of Me is about Aiden and Jeni […]

Love Me is LIVE!

Hi Readers! Love Me is the second book in the re-release of my Trust Me Series. I am thrilled to bring you this series and I’m incredibly excited about the changes I have made to these stories. I hope all my readers are enjoying the change of pace from my MC. I will be back […]


It’s taken me eight years of publishing, over fifty books, blood sweat and SO many tears. I’ve worked so hard for this. I can’t believe it! This industry means so much to me, writing is not just my job, it’s my passion, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. So thank you, thank you guys […]

Welcome to my blog!

I did it! I finally got off my butt and created a blog (which is something I said I would never do) because, let’s face it, me and technology do not go hand in hand! But I’m gonna give this thing a go and see where it leads us. I hope you’ll stay with me […]

Coming soon!

The blog is coming soon!

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