My name is Mad Dog.
I’m the President of the Virginia Satan’s Savages MC.
I’m a crazed man with nothing left to fight for.

My name is Amelia.
My life’s a mess.
All because of my ex-husband and his goddamned motorcycle club.

In the early days, Mad Dog and Amelia were undeniably happy. Their life in the club together, along with their three young boys, was bliss. That was until one fateful night their world turned upside down. Having their lives torn apart pulled them in opposite directions.

Mad Dog is trying to run a club that’s deteriorating, and all he can think of is the family he once had and lost. With the club broken, his family gone and his brothers turning on him, Mad Dog is running the Savages in a direction no one could foresee. He’s becoming crazed. But will the war with the Cartel lead him down a path that will leave everything irreparably damaged?


Crazed (Satan’s Savages MC Series Book 4)

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