Loss—the failure to keep someone or something.
I know all about loss, and the resulting damage can do more harm than good.
Losing everything in one fell swoop… yeah, Karma’s definitely not on my side.

My life has been somewhat monotonous. Look after my twin. Play in the band. Party like a rock star.
Women have filtered in but never stayed, and now that my band mates have all settled down, I’m looking for something… more.

My problem? I’m a perfectionist, and I desire a particular type of woman. I don’t want groupies or fangirls, they’re not my scene anymore.
No, I want the perfect ten. And I’m counting on an internet dating guidance guru to help me find her.

But I’m not doing this alone. My brother’s friend and gallery manager, Alex, is along for the internet dating ride, and we’re doing this ‘dating thing’ together for support.
And in doing so, we’ve become the best of friends. Inseparable one would say.

Now with chaos surrounding me—being arrested, accosted by thugs, and all the drama that comes with my internet dating life—it’s forced a wedge between us, and I’m faced with losing her forever.
And it’s only now I see what’s been in front of me the whole time.
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

Fret (The Recoil Rock Series Book 4)

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