Cocky. Self-absorbed. Arrogant.
Three words to describe American bad boy, Will Sanders, completely.

Talented. Feisty. Motivated.
Three words to describe Australian born, Katerina Barrett, perfectly.

These two AMDA College students couldn’t be more polar opposite. But somehow when their eyes lock across the college courtyard, time stands still.

Kat is focused on her career. While Will is more the love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy. He doesn’t do the ‘relationship’ thing. Love isn’t on either of their minds.

Through a twist of fate, they’re both chosen for leading roles in an Indie franchise of movies, which quickly takes them to overnight sensations. Their lives are turned upside down, and a frenzy of fandom and fame follow.

Being forced together brings their ‘friends with benefits’ relationship into a new light.

Reluctantly they ask themselves the ultimate question… Are we more than just friends?

Just Friends

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