From USA Today Bestselling Author
K E Osborn comes your latest rock romance:
The Luminous Rock Series. 

Effa is the lead singer of the world-famous, all-girl rock band, Luminous. She’s a bubbly, animal onesie-wearing hippy, and will cleanse anyone’s aura who’s stressed out by day and rocked out by night. And then there’s Merc, the genius lighting tech, who’s a broody alpha male that carries his family’s problems on his shoulders, but has a huge heart.

Prepare for the chemistry and sparks to fly off the page with K E’s Luminous Rock Series.


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Luminous Rock Series
High Gloss Cover

Luminous Rock Series
High Gloss Cover

"Holy roller coaster Batman! This is the first book I've read by K.E. Osborn and she brought it. There are so many twists and turns in this story line that I thought I was going to get motion sickness. I loved every minute of the ride. There are so many different story lines and they are so well developed that I devoured this book in twenty four hours.
I cannot say enough about her characters. They are absolutely stunning and I could see them come to life right before my eyes. While reading I felt like I was walking amongst them and witnessing their story first hand. 10/10 MUST READ BOOK!!!"