One daddy’s rich girl.
Add a hardcore, sexy, bad boy rocker.
Stir things up vigorously and watch the fireworks explode!

My name is Delia (Lia) Norman.
I’m your typical daddy’s rich girl.
But I’m sick of living my boring, mundane, day to day life. So when my boyfriend of four years broke up with me on Valentine’s Day, I needed an out.

My name is Colter (Colt) Slade.
I’m rock star royalty.
My life is women, fame and fortune. I didn’t feel the need to settle down until a spoiled rich girl fell into my life one night completely unexpectedly.

Their lives collide, and as they say, opposites attract. But when emotions are high, and you’re from the complete polar opposites of the world, can love really conquer all. Or will their intense connection burn so hot, it ignites and engulfs them entirely, leaving them to dwindle down to nothing but ash? Find out in The Rock God Series.

The Rock God Series Box Set

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