My name is Techie
Gadgets and gizmos are my weapons of choice.
I’m a hard-core tech guru for the Satan’s Savages MC.
My life’s not about love, it’s about lust and the pleasures it brings.

My name is Shay.
I’m a legacy—a daughter and sister of the club.
My family doesn’t want me to fall for a biker.
But he caught my attention… right from the start.

He is lost.
She is finding her way.
Can they find a new hope together?
Or will everyone and everything stand in their way?

Shay had been a part of this world since her birth. She knows bikers and isn’t scared of what this life entails. But when an unknown threat torments the club, can Techie’s sharp mind protect her from their faceless enemy, or is there an even greater enemy outside of the club that could tear them apart?


Sharp (Satan’s Savages MC Series Book 5)

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