The name’s Steel.
VP of the Satan’s Savages MC, and husband to a goddess with flaming red hair.
My life was once chaos and carnage, now it’s school runs and platted hair.
It’s about as good as it gets.

My name is Willow.
Old Lady to a biker who I’ve watched grow into someone amazing.
Our family is huge, not just by blood, but by bond. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
This club is our life.

It’s Christmas, and this time of year, things get hectic.
Enter a diamond heist.
The judgemental in-laws.
A Russian mob lord.
The cops on our tails.
Yeah, Christmas at the clubhouse is never uneventful.

Turns out, Steeling Christmas might not be such a great move after all?

From USA Today Bestselling Author KE Osborn comes the previously released novella from The Christmas at the Clubhouse Anthology.

STEELING CHRISTMAS (Satan’s Savages MC Series Book 6)

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