We started a war. 

One we thought we could win. 
The moment the club tried to outsmart the Militia, the battle lines had been drawn.  

As the brotherhood of the Houston Defiance MC, our job is to be loyal. To show respect when it’s due. There are ranks in place for a reason.  

Prospects will fight the system. 
Those we love will fall. 
Chaos will rule the streets of Houston.  

Can the club survive, thrive, evolve? 
Change is on the horizon. 
The dawn of a new age. 

Romances will flourish, the enduring relationships will prosper. 
But not everything is smooth sailing. 
Everyone will be tested. 
But in the end, will Houston Defiance Survive? 
From USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the highly anticipated final book in the Houston Defiance MC Series. 

Survive: The Houston Defiance MC Series Book Eight

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