Are you ready to once more step behind the ivy clad walls of Stonewall university?
A new year. Fresh faces and brand new stories to tell.

The Scorpio Society, even the name is enough to bring the strongest of men and politicians to their knees. With billionaire bad boys, students and teachers engaged in illicit affairs, underground fighters struggling to break free, and more complications than you can count, The Elites Series has a little bit of everything.

Read the entire 16-book series from USA Today Bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors including: Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land, Casey Hagen, Angela Sanders & Eva James, Rae B. Lake, Heather Young-Nichols & Elena Gray, Cora Kenborn & Murphy Wallace, Addison Jane & KE Osborn, Kathleen Kelly, Janine Infante Bosco, Anna Edwards & Claire Marta, Sonya Jesus, A.C. Kramer, Julia Bright, Ella Kade, A. Gorman, and Emberly Marx.

The Elites: Year Two

USA Today Bestselling Anthology at #112

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