Gravitate Cover Reveal

Hi readers!
When I introduced the NOLA Defiance brothers in the Houston Defiance MC series, I wasn’t sure if I was going to create their stories or if another Defiance Chapter would be born. The problem was Hurricane and his brothers were screaming in my head, and I knew I had to answer by delivering their books to my readers.

So I am excited to announce that book one is Hurricane’s. It delves into the mind of this crazy, broken man. For an alpha biker like Hurricane, it needed a cover that screamed him. And so, with the help of Wander Aguiar, Josh Mario John, and Dana from Designs by Dana, we have managed to create this amazing cover that depicts Hurricane to a T.

It’s sexy.
It’s dangerous.
It’s delicious.
Like a storm is brewing in his mind.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better! So, without further ado, I bring you the cover of Gravitate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book One!

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What I’m working on this week: I’ve just had four days off straight over Easter, so that was lovely! But today, I have come back to my cave, and I am currently working on Isolate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book Two.

What I’m watching: I know this may be hard to fathom BUT, I hadn’t seen all the Harry Potter movies (shock, I know), so we decided to watch them all from the beginning. We watched one a night continuously, then went on to the two Fantastic Beasts movies. I’m so glad we did. I absolutely loved them! I can’t believe we waited this long!

Something I’m grateful for: 
Radios in cars.
It might seem insignificant, but sometimes, when you’re driving along, and a particular song comes on the radio, turning up that volume can change your entire day—you know what I mean—hearing that one song can lift your mood and make you feel energized.
So I am grateful for car radios today.
What’s the song you never fail to blast loud when you’re on your own?

Book quote: 
Hurricane is a loose cannon. He’s a live wire, and after last night, we’re combustible. One of us is going to end up in flames if we don’t stay away from each other.
Gravitate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book One 

Twisted Steel: Third Edition 
Conceal: The Vindicated Series Book Five 
The Chicago Defiance MC – Books One to Eight – The Complete Series.
Start with book one – Resistance, today for only $2.99 or free in Kindle Unlimited.

Gravitate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book One – May 19, 2022
Alluring Abyss: The Royal Bastards MC Series, Tampa, FL Book Four – Oct 25, 2022

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