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I am so excited to bring you City’s book. It delves into the lifelong friendship between City and Izzy, and if they can fix what is broken between them. For a man like City, I needed a cover that captured the essence of who he really is. A rebel with a heart. A man who would give up everything for those he loves. And so, with the help of Reggie Deanching, Matthew Hosea, and Dana from Designs by Dana, we have managed to create this amazing cover that depicts City.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. So, without further ado, I bring you the cover of Isolate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book Two.


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What I’m working on this week:If you’re in my reader group – KE Osborn’s Starlets, you will have seen that I was set a task to write a book in one week. I wrote it in six days. Needless to say, I am completely buggered, but I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I can’t wait for you guys to read the story. You get to see a lot of this character in Isolate, so I hope you’re looking forward to more from him coming in the near future!

What I’m watching: In between things at the moment. We haven’t started binging anything new, so just sort of catching up on random things. Nothing exciting to report here, I’m afraid.

Something I’m grateful for: 
Back in October last year, we had a massive hailstorm that damaged our pergola and veranda severely. To the point where we needed to pull it down and have another one built. Well, the time has FINALLY come, and they have started to build the new one. It’s taking a while, going into week two now, but it’s looking good, and I can’t wait to see the finished project.

Book quote: 
She’s my best friend’s girl.
And I can’t act on these feelings I have for her.
Feelings I had long before Dice was ever on the scene.
Fuck. My. Life!
Isolate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book Two 

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Isolate: The NOLA Defiance MC Series Book Two – July 27, 2022
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With a flair for all things creative, USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.

K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix. After all, who doesn’t love a good binge?

Explosive. Addictive. Romance. 

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K E Osborn xoxo

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